Financial Organizing

For some, managing finances can feel overwhelming. The key to long-term change is to create organizing systems to support the process. Here’s how I can help.

Financial Advocacy

If you’re experiencing a dramatic life change or simply looking to regain control of your finances, I provide various services promoting financial advocacy:   

  • Setting up automated bill payments
  • Designing filing systems
  • Establishing household budgets
  • Compiling and creating tax documentation for CPA review 
  • Gathering and preparing documents for divorce proceedings 
  • Completing documentation for a loved one’s estate
  • Installing and maintaining Quickbooks & Quicken
  • Drafting correspondence for various circumstances
  • Aiding in contacting customer service


Medical Reimbursements

Working through the medical insurance reimbursement process can be stressful. I complete paperwork on your behalf, follow up with your insurance company on reimbursements, and address any issues that arise.