Here is what my clients want to share about working with me.

I completely trust Amy in my home and with my personal items

“At first I was embarrassed having anyone see my paper clutter. Now I focus on what we can accomplish & how good I feel when it’s done. She arrives promptly, with a smile on her face ready to get right to work. She has a special way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed and at the same time help you accomplish your goals in a timely fashion.”

~Mary in Gaithersburg

Amy works magic!

“I remember the calm and comfort I felt working with Amy to organize my complicated project files at work, and asked if she could work her magic with my wife. We just explained our situation and talked about our personal style in organizing things. We even felt comfortable enough working with Amy to discard unnecessary files and papers. Even today, I can find things and know where everything I need is located. We went from many file drawers down to a few. Neat, easy to follow and easy to maintain.”

~Bob in Alexandria

I would recommend Amy to anyone looking to de-clutter and simplify their life

“An organized life is a healthier life. She is a delight to work with – fast, trustworthy, energetic, and even makes the job of organizing an enjoyable one. Not an easy task for those of us with years of items stashed in drawers and closets.”

~Mary in Vienna

She helped me sell my home!

“When I was going through the selling of my home of almost 20 years, Amy helped me transform my house so it could be shown and sold.”

~Andrea in Rockville

Amy is so light-hearted and patient

“She has a non-judgmental attitude that takes any pressure and second-guessing out of the mix. She is realistic and truly understands how some things are just too sentimental to part with, and she even helps come up with a system to maintain the new space.”

~Lori in Germantown

Amy transformed what used to take me 40 hours and turned it into 8 hours

“We had a power-packed fun day…and more than that… I am happier and feel like I can focus on what is important.”

~Liz in Bethesda

She makes me feel heard

“I have a special needs child and I don’t have a lot of time to myself. I find Amy’s help with medical expense reimbursements, budgeting, paperwork management and clutter control to be invaluable. Even though other organizers have come to my house and told me what to do, Amy listens to me and works on what I need to work on and focuses on what I feel is most important, not what she thinks is most important.”

~Katie in Rockville, MD