Working With Me


My Organizing Style

I like to make organizing fun! It can be difficult when you try to work with family members or friends to organize and declutter because they may be attached to certain items or not fully understand your attachment to them. I help people make tough decisions about what to do with all the “stuff” in their lives. I am a calming voice that helps support clients’ decisions and I never make anyone get rid of something they just can’t part with.

My Organizing Philosophies

#1: Everyone is different and every client’s needs are different. That’s why I work with each person to determine their specific needs and adjust what I do and what we accomplish together.

#2: I believe there is a “home” for everything. Although we can’t all live in Pottery Barn Catalogs, I’m confident we can find a place for everything so that we know where it belongs and where to look for it when we can’t find it.

#3: Working together is the best solution for bringing your home and life into order. I know when we work together to understand your needs and set up a system that makes sense for you, that I’ll earn your trust and that you’ll recognize working with me is money well-spent.


Getting Started

Steps to getting started:

  • Call to schedule a complimentary visit (about 30 minutes)
  • During this visit show me your “trouble” areas and tell me your ultimate goals
  • I will make suggestions on how I can help you accomplish these goals
  • If you like what you hear we schedule a date and time to get started

Change is often difficult and this process may cause some anxiety. I know working together will help alleviate your concerns so you’ll feel “lighter” and have a sense of accomplishment when we’re done

Amy Weinberg

Amy Weinberg
Organization Specialist
Maryland / Virginia / Washington, DC
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